Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Winding down, winding up

For the past two months, my parents have been visiting from Australia, staying with us. Next week they will return to the land of sun. James has also had the last month off on vacation. And so, since Benjamin arrived, we have had the luxury of 4 adults to 3 kids. Not a bad ratio, is it? However, next week James goes back to work and my parents head home, which will suddenly leave me alone with a kindergartener, a toddler and a newborn.

Winding down: it has been a wonderful time spent with my family. They have been a source of strength and support that few mothers get when a baby arrives. They have shared the night shift, cooked meals, cleaned the house, babysat, and given me many moments of sanity among the craziness. I have had the luxury of taking my time to reach a full recovery after the long nine months of illness and the exhaustion of giving birth. Benjamin is slowly settling into some recognizable patterns, which should make mothering three children a little easier. I have been blessed.

Winding up: getting ready to parent on my own. Facing getting Colin to school with two other kids in tow. Trying to settle the others down for nap while tending to Benjamin. Attempting to keep up with the housework. Cooking something other than frozen foods. Finding a rhythm to our new life.

Although I will greatly miss the added help, a part of me is looking forward to regaining our schedule. For the short term, I hope to fill my mornings with activities in hopes that a consistent schedule will help me back into a normal life. It's been the better part of a year that my life has been upside down. I look forward to something I can call "normal."


Anonymous said...


I've been thinking of you, as the family adjusts to the new little life in your home. I hope that the next season is full of it's own kind of joy, though it may be a little crazy!

You can do it!

Love Bonnie

Terri-Ann said...


So nice to hear from you again! Hopefully you and your family have settled into the new place now and have your own new routine down.

(Noticed your name is linked with a new blog - it's hard for us writers to stay away for too long! I admire the evolution your blog has taken this time. I noticed you have touched on many of the issues i've struggled with lately. Sometimes I feel as though I'm on a journey similar to the one you've taken...but that you're just a bit ahead up the road from me. I look forward to some more good topics!