Monday, 24 May 2010


After 2 months of trying, Benjamin finally succeeded in getting his toes in his mouth. A couple of weeks back he got the first foot in. Undeterred by a small taste of victory, he continued on until he managed to get both in at the same time.

I always thought babies were born being flexible enough to get their feet in their mouth. Whether or not this is true, Benjamin had a goal and saw it through. It was funny to watch the sheer determination in this little guy. His eyes would focus on those toes, and he would control the jerky movements common to babies. One hand grasped each heel, and then he would slowly pull one foot back at a time, eyes never leaving the goal. His neck strength was strong since birth, but this exercise increased the strength even more, as he pushed his head toward his feet.

From about 2 months old to 4 months old I watched him and his determination to get those toes into his mouth. And so when, a few weeks back, that first toe went in, I shared the joy in the victory with him.

Little lessons in life. This may have only been toes in mouth, but all the little nuances of the journey say so much about the tough trials we face in life, and the sweet taste of victory at the end.

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