Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Frustration in the store

You know how the experts always say that it's just best to avoid a toddler tantrum situation in the first place? Yes, I know that, too. Why I ignore it, I don't know. Sometimes I think I'm just in a no win situation.

I had just hyped Caleb up for a visit to the store, thinking my morning appointment had bombed on me. As we were climbing in the car, my girlfriends showed up. It was a three-way miscommunication about the time. So I promised Caleb we would hit the store after they were done.

Well, the appointment finished on time, but it was getting really close to lunch and nap. I knew that could be bad, but not going to the promised store would likely result in a meltdown at home. So really I was looking at the same result either way. So I went to the store.

Caleb wouldn't follow me. Then he lost his boot. Then he only wanted to wear one boot. Then he SCREAMED when I picked him and the boot up and left the store. On the way out, he wound up his hand and smacked me across the face. The kid has a great arm - it actually stung. I stopped, pulled him arms out of reach of my face and gave him the dreaded "mom stare". He was still hysterical.

The whole way home (2 minutes) he wailed. I calmly kept repeating every minute that he had hurt me and needed to say he was sorry. We were at an impasse.

I silently prepared his lunch. He smashed his hand in it, refusing to eat. I stayed quiet and ate my own lunch. Eventually Caleb capitulated and began to eat. Right now he is happy as a lark and ready to go for nap.

None of us are happy when we are hungry and tired, so why do I expect anything more from my two-year-old?

When will I learn?


mommy's thoughts! said...

That sounds like a normal day for me and Spencer, lol. Not fun with two year olds sometimes.

heather80 said...

Yeah, that sounds like my two year old too.