Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mother's Day

Another wonderful Mother's Day. A lazy morning with no church meetings for James! Usually it's a long three hours on my own with the kids, then a short 10 minutes once he gets home for me to jump in the shower and get ready. Not this morning. This morning I was treated to French Toast and bacon and orange juice, my favourite breakfast in the whole wide world. Then I got a nice shower and time to get dressed and do my hair (okay, it was another ponytail, but at least there were no kids at my legs while I did it!) and makeup. At church, James sang a beautiful solo about mothers while I accompanied. I love when we have the opportunity to sing/play/perform together. Lots of cuddles with Benjamin today, and a nice long nap with him in the afternoon. I was blessed with lots of extra patience with the older boys today, and realized how easy things can be when I access that store of patience. Barbecue over at James' parents' house, where we celebrated three generations of mothers. News from a best friend that she will be a mother for the first time later this year. And now a quiet evening with the man that made my motherhood a reality. Life is good.

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