Monday, 31 May 2010


Colin: I'm hungry. Can I have a snack?
Mommy: Yes, you can have fruit or vegetables. We have bananas, apples, oranges, cucumber, peppers and broccoli.
Colin: I'll have crackers and cheese.
Mommy: Nope, you can have fruit or vegetables.
Colin: I'll have grapes.
Mommy: We don't have any grapes.
Colin: Oh fine. I guess I'll just have a pomme then.

(pomme = apples, in French. Intermingling the languages is a sign that he really is starting to learn French!)


"Terri-Ann-ism" from my childhood (in kindergarten)

Mom: Terri-Ann, where are your shoes?
Terri-Ann: In my boite.
Mom: Your what?
Terri-Ann: My boite.
Mom: What's a boite?
Terri-Ann: You know, a boite.
Mom: No, I don't know what a boite is!
Terri-Ann: My box at school where I put my shoes. My boite!

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