Tuesday, 11 May 2010


When my doctor asked me what I weighed at each of my first pre-natal visits, I sheepishly replied "I don't know." And it was the honest truth. Growing up my mom never kept a scale around, and so I was never preoccupied with weight as a number. I could tell if I was losing or gaining (small amounts) by how loose or tight my jeans were. I know I weighed more in high school than I do post-wedding; I held onto those high school clothes for years, "just in case" I ever gained more weight.

Post-baby #3, I'm finally back into pre-pregnancy jeans. I was a little annoyed that it took so long, but given the "curse of the third" that apparently exists, I suppose I should be content. Granted, I'm only just into some of the looser jeans I owned, and I don't think I could even attempt my old favourite jeans from my university days. But I'm giving myself longer to get back into those, since nursing makes me STARVING all the time! I'm fairly good at healthy snacking, but those chocolate cravings are a killer!

I don't have the type of metabolism that I could eat anything and everything I wanted, if all I wanted was junk food. Gratefully I love snacking on fruits, and a nice big salad is a favourite of mine for lunch, which makes things a little easier.

I also don't splurge for a gym membership, but I do try and workout with a group of girlfriends twice a week. My AWESOME friend Kathy has been on a very successful weight loss journey and invites a group of us twice a week to workout with her at the church, benefiting from everything she has learned. She is a fantastic motivator and really knows how to put together an effective workout.

Probably the one habit that is helping me maintain right now is walking. I was worried back in September when I got my own vehicle that I would lose the habit of walking everywhere that I had developed since moving to Orangeville. Well, I'm happy to report that, for the most part, I've done fairly well. Having a van has eliminated the need for me to try and get rides, or take the bus. But I generally walk Colin to school in the mornings, and also to pick him up, if Caleb wakes from his nap in time. I don't walk up to the stores as often, but I am finding I am simply shopping less (better for the wallet!) My double stroller and my new Ergo baby carrier are getting quite the use, and I anticipate using them even more during the nice weather.

I'm grateful that as a mom I have retreated from the world out there, and the pressures of media and culture to look a certain way. Thank goodness that as we grow (older!) we become much more comfortable with who we are the way God made us.

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