Saturday, 18 September 2010

Cousins, and sisterly-love

I've never been a huge Facebook user, other than to communicate/organize outings with friends. I rarely update my status, but I do enjoy sifting through the status updates of my friends. Some of them are always witty (Jenn L.), some make me laugh out loud (Heather M.), some inspire me to do more (Lori L.) and some keep me grounded (Heather R.)

But lately I have really enjoyed the sisterly-love evident in the banter between my two younger cousins who live out in British Columbia. The oldest, Erika, has just gone off to college, leaving her only sister, Adria, still at home. Because of the age gap and long distance between us, I never had the chance to really get to know these girls, although their parents (my aunt and uncle) have long been my inspiration as I raise my own family. Erika and Adria's quips drip with the kind of sarcasm that reveals just how close they are. I'm sure it wasn't all rosy as they grew up and shared a bathroom together, but I've no doubt that their constant updates with each other show just how big of a place they held in each others' hearts. And through all this I'm afforded the opportunity to get to know the underside of them a little better. And have a good laugh every day as well.

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