Monday, 6 September 2010

One more step

One more step off the grid for me...I scored a bike trailer for the kids today. $25 on the day after a garage sale. We drove by it yesterday (Sunday) and my heart leapt and I pointed to pull over, and then James gently reminded me that it was Sunday and we make a habit not to purchase things on Sunday. We made the decision long ago, being that we keep the Sabbath day separate from the other days of the week, not engaging in the same sort of activities, not doing any work (career or house work), not going to the stores (which supports other people needing to work on Sunday). Since garage sale-ing isn't really a Sunday activity, James was right in driving on by.

And look at that - I was rewarded for the decision. It was still there today when we drove by again, and the asking price was about 1/3 of what I've seen them go for second-hand online. In fact, I could probably use it for two years and still get $25 for it when I sell it!

At any rate, I'm just excited to have it on hand. It's a newer model with lots of upgrades since they first came out. It's much roomier and more comfy for the kids, has a bug and rain screen, and a handle to convert it into a double stroller. Fantastic! James and I were just talking the other night about easy ways to get more exercise, and biking on errands was at the top of the list, especially since we live so close to the downtown area.

So there it is. One more step off the grid for me!

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