Tuesday, 14 September 2010

What makes me crazy

I have a little secret that I don't often reveal to people, because when I do they think I'm crazy.

I really, really, badly want jury duty.

Yes, I know, I know. I'm crazy. I also know that I couldn't do it right now, with a nursing baby. I have two friends currently serving on a jury. My dad was actually picked for a serious case and was sequestered while they deliberated the verdict. But I've never even gotten a letter calling me down to sit for hours just to be rejected. I wonder if I would even be a good candidate, being a young mother with a teaching background (apparently they hate teachers on juries!)

I have this yearning to do my civic duty, to be a concerned citizen and play my part as a peer in society. I want to sit and listen to the details of the case and rationally consider all sides and offer my verdict in a thoughtful manner. I know most cases aren't even that serious, and most people say they are incredibly boring. I'm just curious to see how it all works.

It always makes me laugh in the recent adaptation of "The Grinch" when the title character causes mischief in the mail room by mixing up the mail, then doling out chain letters, blackmail and jury duty! Inside, I'm reaching up my hands to grab one of those letters.

Ah well. I guess we all have strange things about us - it's what makes the patchwork quilt of community so colourful.

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heather80 said...

My mom was just picked to be on a month-long murder trial. But, when asked if there's was a reason not to choose her, she told them that her daughter is going to be giving birth at any moment, and if all goes well, being on the jury is fine, but if there are any complications, she would not be showing for Jury duty.
They decided that was a good enough reason. She had always wanted to be on a jury too, but not right now.

I, with my OCD, would HATE it. I would have a hard time making the decision in the first place, and regardless of what I chose, it would haunt me forever. I'm guessing I would not be a desirable candidate.