Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Kids and their quirks

Colin has a salami and cheese sandwich every day at school. Every day. I made it for him for the first day of Junior Kindergarten last year, and I now that's all he wants. He doesn't ask for it on the weekends, or days when he's not at school. But he won't have anything else. I even offered him leftover pizza last week, and, after a lengthy consideration, he only very reluctantly agreed because he thought there was no salami left. You should have seen his face light up when I told him I could make him a salami sandwich instead, if he'd rather.


Last week at the Early Years Centre, during circle time, Caleb sighed while sitting next to me and asked if we could go home for nap. The eyes of the mother to my left bugged out. "Did he really just say that?" "Yes," I answered sheepishly, for I know it is an anomaly. Then, two minutes later as they were passing around juice for snack, Caleb asked if he could have water instead. That same mother turned once more. "Nap and no juice? Is he for real?" I gave another sheepish laugh. That's Caleb. He'll take water every time, and there is absolutely no interfering with naptime. Mothers must think I have it so easy. I usually don't tell them that he screamed and cried for the first year of his life and nearly drove us up the wall. Those days seem like a hazy memory, in light of the flashy grin he gives out now.


Benjamin likes his soother upside-down. If I pop it in (the right way) he usually leaves it. If he puts it in, he likes it upside-down. Just another one of those quirks, I guess. And even at nine months, at the size of a 15-month old, he nurses with his leg up in the air. Not so easy anymore, since his legs are so long. It's a good thing babies' feet are so darn cute! I actually like looking at his little foot and tiny toes. And yes, you'll probably find me kissing them, also. Strange or not, I guess that is one of my quirks!

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