Monday, 18 April 2011

Back home

This weekend we moved out of our home and spent some time at my sisters and my in-laws houses. We had a ton of fun, but it's always nice to be back at your own place.

This weekend:

- it rained and then snowed so hard that outdoor activities were completely off the table. When the local indoor play centre was closed on Saturdays (?!) we ended up at a McDonalds Playplace. The boys had a blast. And it was newly renovated to have a huge lounge/eating area so that you don't have to cram into a small space to watch your kids play, or call them out when it is time to eat. Benjamin had so much room to run.

- the boys discovered the wii video game system. Both my sister and my in-laws have it. They had a really good time playing tennis and bowling and Mario Brothers. Then my father-in-law offered me the system for free. I nearly broke down and took it, but in the end I stood strong. I don't want to have a system in our home, for a whole host of reasons, which I will save for another story.

- the boys discovered Saturday morning cartoons. When breakfast was ready, Colin couldn't understand why James couldn't just pause the show until they were done eating. Really. It couldn't wrap his head around it at all.

- I got to watch playoff hockey. On a 60" HD television. In high definition. It was AWESOME! Again, it almost makes me want to let James buy a brand new huge TV and get HD cable. But I stood strong again. I saw two games and my (Canadian) teams won in both.

- the boys got to watch playoff hockey. It was a Montreal/Boston game, and they were both completely captivated. Colin asked why the players had to keep going to the "time out" box. The next day in the middle of our church sacrament service, Caleb said "I have something important to say. The Montreal goalie is better than the Boston goalie because he didn't let any pucks into his net." Colin put on his pyjama top backwards, because the hockey players on TV all have the numbers on the back of their jersey, and the number was on the front of his pyjamas. He was also stoked that there was a "C" on his pyjamas, which meant he was the captain. He spent much of the game trying to spot the Montreal and Boston captains. Both boys declared that their next birthdays were going to be hockey birthdays. What can I say? Hockey runs in our blood.

- OUR BATHROOM IS RENOVATED! This was the whole purpose of moving out for the weekend. With only one bathroom (which completely baffled our renovator) we decided it would be better to move out for 3 days and nights rather than spend a whole week without a toilet during the day. The renovator worked around the clock to get it all done. And it looks FABULOUS! Yes, I have before shots, and I will post them once I have the after shots. There are one or two more things to get before it is completely done, but I promise I will post them soon! And if you're in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop in and have a look at my fabulous new bathroom.

But now, we are home. I feel energized by the new look, and motivated to try and get more of the clutter out from the rest of the home. Each time I am overtaken by the urge to declutter and clean, I get rid of more and more. Hopefully soon our home will be decluttered to where I want it to be. There is still a long way to go, but I'm on the road.


Mom said...

That's my girl - staying strong - good for you! :-) GO LEAFS GO! :-) I am seeing a Leafs jersey or t-shirt with a C on it for birthdays/Christmas - what do you think? :-) I can't wait to see the 'after' pics of your bathroom. I understand how you feel about the 'long way to go, but I am on the road' part of your blog entry - I feel that way about Primary right now - I have spent three days cleaning out the cupboard and file cabinet and many hours working on paperwork. I figure that by the time I get things running smoothly, I will be released. :-)

heather80 said...

Shea is still trying to wrap his head around commercials. There are very few things he watches that has commercials (and he doesn't watch much tv to begin with. What he does watch is usually recorded, or on a commercial-free channel), but he has discovered teletoon retro (specifically Alvin and the Chipmunks). I still mostly tape it and fast-forward through the commercials, but if I'm distracted, he assures himself, "It's coming back on."