Thursday, 7 April 2011

Continuing fear

Do you have any fears that just won't resolve themselves? I hate having things likes fears or weaknesses that just keep coming back again and again. I like to be able to look a challenge in the face and overcome it.

That's why homeschooling is such a sore point for me. Lately I've been inspired all over again by the idea. Colin is still not warming up to school. And when I have such challenges with Caleb and Benjamin's temperament, it makes me wonder how a teacher with 25 other kids will manage them.

Why can't I get over this and just do it? So many other moms do. I hate that I have this grey cloud constantly hanging over my head, overshadowing me with thoughts like "so many people do it - why can't you?"

And yet I constantly back away from it.


Jules said...

Does Colin get a summer break? You could spend the summer trying to working in some formal lessons into your routine to see if it's doable.

I personally think you can do it. You're a far more patient woman than I am. It might seem daunting with Caleb and Benjamin being pretty demanding of your attention, but that could change too.

Heather said...

Oh Terri-Ann, as time goes on you will know the right thing to do for each child. I hate fears like that. I am the same with highway driving. I hate feeling limited all the time. I could never just hop in a car and drive to Toronto. We will overcome!

Terri-Ann said...

Julia - funny - that's exactly the plan we came up with! I told Colin we would try it for the summer. He promised to work really really really really really hard and not to get distracted at all. He so badly wants to stay home! Then at the end of the summer I said we would reevaluate the situation, not only of Colin, but how it worked for the whole family. Then we could make a decision for September.

Anonymous said...

One more title, that I just finished reading myself: "Brave New Schools"