Wednesday, 6 April 2011


While Benjamin was having his morning nap, Caleb approached me:

Caleb: Mommy, the conductor told me to go upstairs.
(He and Colin were playing "The Polar Express")
Mommy: No, you may not. Benjamin is sleeping and I don't want him to wake.
Caleb: But I need to! The conductor told me to!
Mommy: No. We can't wake Benjamin.
Caleb: But I will tiptoe! I'll be quiet as a mouse!
(I grin at such a cute and earnest response.)
Mommy: Okay then.

Caleb bent his back in a crouch and started tiptoeing right from that spot in the living room, creeping forward ever so slowly.


"Colin, don't laugh with food in your mouth! Jesus doesn't like it. He's looking down and saying "Oh, man! Colin is laughing with food in his mouth. That's not good at all."

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