Monday, 11 April 2011

Election fever?

We're midway through an election campaign, but you would never know it. Sure, most of the news coverage is devoted to the leaders, their campaigns, their missteps and their slander, but I don't see or read a ton of news these days. What is completely missing is the signage. In our town I have seen next to no signs. A handful of Green Party signs (they are getting really close to being elected in our riding and so are campaigning hard), some scattered Liberal signs (who have next to no chance of being elected in our riding, so excuse their half-hearted effort) and I saw my very first Conservative sign today (so entrenched in this area that they don't even have to campaign.)

Even given the status of our riding (staunchly Conservative) there is usually a flurry of signs pasted all around town. These days the neighbourhoods look like two weeks post-election, when the campaigners have neglected to take down a handful of out of the way signs. Most pointedly this speaks to the complete indifference Canadians feel toward this election.

I think we are all tired of voting for the exact same parties and the exact same leaders and the exact same platforms. Seriously - WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO CHANGE? The same people are going to come out and vote in the same way. Except for a few ridings with on-going scandals, I seriously doubt much will change until there are some major party and leader overhauls.

Ah well. I believe it is important to vote, even when I experience mostly apathy toward the entire election. And so I will set out and cast my ballot, mark my "x," and watch the results roll in, hoping for something exciting but expecting more of the same.

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leafdj said...

I know the feeling!
I live over in southern BC, and it's always such a contested riding that liberal and conservative signs just flood the entire town.
How many times do I have to see the same sign on one drive!?