Saturday, 9 April 2011

When "mom" needs a break

Boy, do I have some busy things coming up!

First, yesterday I got to go to work. No, seriously. Work that didn't include diaper changes and vacuuming and meal prep and endless tidying. Okay, so it didn't include much playing or cuddling either, and I did show my face for a few "rescue" moments when things got hari (I know all too well how much I wish for help during those moments!) But today I descended into the basement to work on a new brochure design for the company, and James stayed home with Caleb and Benjamin. It was so lovely to be able to work on something creative, be away from Benjamin's clingy-ness and Caleb's whining, and yet still pop up for lunch.

Second, I am writing (and rewriting) a script for a short film. We go to camera in mid-May. I will also act as 1st assistant director on set. And you know what? I'm excited about being back on set. I never thought I would say that again. For so long I have felt utterly done with filmmaking. And although I don't have the yearning to produce or direct any time soon, I always loved AD work, and I was really good at it. So I'm excited to get back into that saddle.

Third, I was asked to do a speaking engagement. It is a 45 minute workshop for a stake Relief Society day. When the call came, I was already curled up in bed and half asleep. Lucky for the woman on the other end, because I said "yes" without even giving it a second thought. I've been to these workshops before. Last year there were about 16 to choose from, with about 25 women or so attending. The 25 minute workshop is given twice, to give women a chance to see more than one, although you only get to choose 3. Then I got a follow-up email and realized that this workshop isn't for my region, but for the Toronto region. And there aren't 16 workshops, there are 6. And the workshops are 45 minutes long!!! That's when I started to panic. That and when I realized that the title of the workshop is all they give me: The Influence of Music. Okay, I know that should be an easy one for me, but I assure you, I am in a bit of a panic mode. And I'll likely stay panicky until I get a couple hours to sit down and start the research and planning, at which point I hope and pray that it will start to come together.

Fourth are my short stories that I am writing. Of course, that is on pause right now, but I'm still always going about the day thinking up ideas and playing them out in my head.

Ah well. Exciting times must have ups and downs, so I'll prepare myself for the roller-coaster and enjoy the ride.

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Mom said...

Wow, I have been so busy this last week that I haven't had a chance to comment on this blog until now. That is so awesome that you got to 'go to work' (although I think that taking care of children is the hardest work in the world). I love the fact that James honoured your time for the project and took care of the boys while you worked in the basement. When you have figured out the new design, let me see. :-) I am glad you were able to work on something which used your creative talents. I know how important it is for a mom to take time out for herself. What is the film that you are going to be working on? I am glad that you are going to have a chance to use that talent as well. I thought it odd when you weren't excited about film anymore since you had had such a passion for it at one time. I know that the workshop you do will be awesome - between the talent and love you have for music, the work I know you will put into planning the workshop and the prayers you will offer up to heaven, you will be a hit (of that, I have no doubt). I am looking forward to reading your stories - I will actually be able to do it after I finish this comment. I did start it the other day and then haven't had a moment to myself 'til now. I am actually sitting on my chaise lounge outside as I am writing this. :-)