Sunday, 18 September 2011

And I also really needed this...

Two plates of mini cupcakes dropped off by a most wonderful family from my church. I had such a rough day today I couldn't even hold it together at church. Seriously. I'm talking about hiding away for three hours because I kept bursting into tears. (Many things building up.)

A friend noticed. Luckily she didn't press me on it, because I only would have lost it again. But she sent her daughters over tonight with a lovely note and the cupcakes to "sweeten" up my day. I think there are at least 20. I just might devour 10 tonight.

And even more than the cupcakes, I needed the reassurance of her example. She is Christ in action like I've never seen it, and she inspires me all the time. And she is teaching her children the importance of serving also, not just by talking at them but by actually getting down into the trenches.

Mmm. Yummy cupcakes.

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