Saturday, 24 September 2011

Uh oh - I'm in trouble

I have just discovered an absolutely fabulous online digital sheet music website. Yesterday I was searching for the music of the song "Give Me Jesus" that my friend sang, and this website popped up on the search. Quick and easy as all that, I had the sheet music, and had the option of printing it in several different keys (to fit my range).

Today I found some music that I've been looking for for years. I've tried to scribe it out myself, listening to the recording, but my music ear training has never been fabulous and I never got it quite right. Then, just like that, it's in my hands.

I bookmarked the site, but I'm too scared to start browsing through their collection...I'm not sure my wallet could handle it! I just love gathering music so much. I always have a songbook or two on my gift wish list. Finding some really great music or a long-looked-for piece makes my heart soar. And sitting down for an hour or two at the piano with music piled up all around me fills me up like nothing else can.

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Mom said...

Care for an early Christmas present? :-)