Sunday, 4 September 2011


Colin was playing quietly downstairs while the other boys and I took a nap. James came home just as I was waking up, and I overheard their conversation downstairs:

James: What are you doing, Colin?
Colin: Just saying a prayer.
James: Oh really? What for?
Colin: For school. I'm feeling a little scared about it.
James: Why?
Colin: I'm worried I won't remember enough French. And I'm worried I'll trip and fall and hurt my scar. And I'm worried I'll get beat up. (James showed him the opening scene of The Neverending Story last week.)

That's when I came down and we all had a nice chat about how Colin's school is very small and no one would ever beat him up, and if they did try and hurt him that Daddy would go in and make sure Colin was always safe. After that we talked more about school in general, reassuring him that everything would be okay, and that it was okay to be a little worried, and how Daddy was always worried the weekend before school. We told him that it was a good idea to pray for comfort, and that James would give him a blessing tomorrow night to help him have peace for the coming year.

Our little Colin is such an old soul.

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