Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Good friends

I am so grateful to live in a place where we have good friends. And when I say "we", I mean everyone in my family. And when I say "good" I don't just mean people I like or acquaintances who help pass the days. I mean people who listen to your hopes and dreams and fears and heartaches. I mean people who invite you out to things, whose list you are at the top of of "people to call when cool things happen." I mean people who you share your life with and who share right back. I mean people you can just hang out with and talk about everything or nothing at all.

And I'm grateful that we have friends that are families, where I have a girlfriend whose husband is friends with James and whose kids like to be with our kids. And we don't just have one or two of these friends who are families - we have lots and lots.

There have been some circumstances over the last year that have caused us to ponder whether or not we need to move (all to do with James' work.) And every time we broach the subject with each other, we categorically decide "no." This is the place for us. While we might be able to meet new people and perhaps make some new acquaintances, James and I both know the special and unique gift we have found in our little town.

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Mom said...

That's what Dad and I loved about raising you girls in Brampton - until it went crazy building new houses everywhere!