Sunday, 4 September 2011


Benjamin loves to brush his teeth. I think he may be the only toddler out there who actually fights to have his teeth brushed. I've certainly struggled (and sometimes still struggle!) with the other two. But Benjamin is at this stage where he so badly wants to be a big boy. He even calls Colin and Caleb "the boys." So when it comes to brushing teeth, he races upstairs to be first, or pushes one of the other boys off the stool if he gets there after them. Then he stands with his little hands holding the sink, opens wide, and let's me brush away. Every ten seconds or so, he pulls back, leans forward and "spits" into the sink, just like he sees the other boys do. I think he would stand there and let me brush his teeth all night, if I didn't have a million other things to do!


When Benjamin gets tired, he has this loud hum thing he does. It's definitely a hum, but sort of has the pitch of a whine. He could be playing, or walking, or doing anything really, but he'll start this constant humming. At first it just faces in the background, but sooner or later you start to wonder "what on earth is that ringing in my ear?" and you realize it's his tired hum.

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