Tuesday, 4 October 2011


One of my boys has had his first kiss - and it was my youngest baby!

Last week I was watching my friend's three children, who all happen to be the same ages as my boys. Except her youngest is a girl. She and Benjamin have a love-hate relationship. When they see each other they smile and laugh and hug and call each other their baby-version of their names. But once playtime starts, there are often tugs and pulls and pushes and cries. And then laughs. And then fights. It goes back and forth. My friend and I always laugh about it.

At any rate, last week I was watching her kids, and because it was a beautiful morning, all the kids went out into the backyard to play. The oldest four boys were running around, playing all sorts of imaginative games, climbing the big rock and hunting through the "forest" and generally being boys. Benjamin and Maddie were, as usual, always playing together, sometimes happily, sometimes not. At one point, the two of them wandered over to the big playhouse we have. Benjamin went inside and peered out the different windows. Maddie circled the house on the outside, squealing in delight when Benjamin surprised her by popping his head out a window.

Well, at one point, he peered out of this little circular window that is just the right size for a toddler's face. I guess Maddie just couldn't resist that cute little framed face of his, because she ran right up and kissed him on his cute little pink lips. I only caught it out of the corner of my eye, from my perch on the deck, and wondered if I had indeed seen what I thought I saw. I watched silently for another couple of minutes, and sure enough, Benjamin came back for more. He disappeared back into the house, then came rushing forward to the window, where Maddie reached in and kissed him again! It happened a third and fourth time, before they tired of the game and moved on to something else.

It was such a precious moment to catch.

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Jenn said...

Awww...so sweet!

Apparently, while I was off with the holy terror and Steve was still at the wedding, Griffin had his first slow dance with a little 6 year old girl...I was sorry I missed it!