Thursday, 27 October 2011

Getting settled

I think I'm finally getting settled after Benjamin's birth. It's been 22 months.

In the haze of sleepless nights that lasted these two years, my body compensated by craving junk food. There was chocolate almost daily, lots of pop, desserts more often than not. My body was craving sugar in order to keep me going during the day, and that isn't like me at all. While I love a chocolate bar or root beer or ice cream now and then, I just don't do well with those things as a daily part of my diet. My body usually rebels, feels ill, can't function. I eat fruit all the time, and veggie sandwiches are a staple for lunch. Not so, this past year.

But I've noticed over the last week or so that this finally seems to be abating. There are three tubs of ice cream in the freezer that have been there since before Thanksgiving. James baked three dozen cookies that I didn't eat any of. My secret stash of chocolate bars dwindled to nothing and I never bothered to replace it. A bag of Dorritos is still sitting on the dishwasher after a week. And on my road trip last weekend, I stocked up on treats and only ate one chocolate bar the whole time.

Better than that, I'm back to my toasted veggie sandwiches and fruit smoothies. Okay, I have been stocking up on those little sausage roll appetizers for lunch also, but after this box I'm not feeling like I want to replace it. Yes, I finally feel like my body is getting settled after my last baby. It's about time!

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