Thursday, 6 October 2011

New digs

No, not a new house, just a new sort of workplace. As of September, I'm taking up the accounting side of our business. Today was my first full day (although I have been putting in night hours in the past couple of weeks.) At first we were hoping I would be able to work some days in the month to do all the work, but James is so busy he often works 6 days a week, and some evenings and early mornings as well. So for now I'll just have to find the time here and there to get caught up to current and then hopefully find some sort of routine to keep things current going ahead.

Honestly, I actually really enjoy the work. The first half is all data entry, which suits me wonderfully. I sit before the computer with stacks of neatly organized papers around me. I work in silence, because even though I love music, a song will always take centre stage in my mind, never becoming "background," and would thus hinder my concentration. Once the data entry is completed, then I must make sure everything reconciles to our online account. It seems to me that computer might actually make things more difficult in these kinds of cases, because we have already done all the work manually in the field, and then have to input everything electronically a second time, and then go through it a third to make sure it matches the bank's electronic records. If everything was as it was half a century ago, 100% on paper, then that first record would be all that was necessary.

At any rate, this is what is required now, and I can happily work away in world of numbers for hours on end. My brain is actually fitted well to this work. James would only point me in the right direction when I understood clearly the task at hand, and not only worked away easily at it, but often thought of time and work saving solutions, making full use of the new computer program.

I always liked math when I was in school. I always attacked math homework first, actually enjoying the list of equations assigned from a textbook. I may have, one or twice, even done some extra problems just for fun. Today, while I don't peruse textbooks any longer, I do love the new fad of Sudoku, a math version of a crossword or wordsearch.

And so I am settling into this new work. James laughed a little at my enthusiasm, warning me it will tire once I am chasing down employees for missing reports, receipts, and information. I laughed back and said I already had a system forming in my mind, and that they will perhaps rue the day I took over accounting, joking that I will bill each employee for hours spent chasing him or her down. (Or perhaps not joking...)

It's a good way to spend one's time when you love the work in which you are engaged. And accounting is definitely an area I have an affinity for.

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