Wednesday, 1 February 2012


You know how "they" say that babies love skin-to-skin contact? I remember those first few weeks when you cuddle up to a swaddled newborn and let their warm skin melt right into your chest. It never lasted much past those early weeks, though.

Until now. Benjamin has suddenly rediscovered a love of skin-to-skin time. Out of nowhere, when he is really tired, or being rocked before bedtime/naptime, or when he just wakes up, he will squirm down in my arms, pull down the neck of my shirt and cuddle his face into my chest. Even if my shirt is not so pull-down friendly, he'll work really hard and squishing it down so he can find a warm spot of skin to lie against. So sweet.

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heather80 said...

Shea never lost that. He even makes me roll up my sleeve when we have our bedtime cuddle. He likes to lie belly to belly too. Sometimes, it gets a little weird (this morning, he mimicked nursing, which was odd, seeing as how he's been weaned for almost 2 years), but often, it's nice.