Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Family Day

We celebrated Family Day yesterday. It's so nice to have a holiday in the middle of February, smack dab in the middle of winter, as a little pick me up on the way to spring.

After my ultrasound at the hospital on Saturday, I ran into my clinic nurse, who very graciously offered to try once again to get an IV line in - with success! So this week I'm back on the Zofran, which enabled to me take part in the celebrations yesterday.

We started with a pancake breakfast at church. Colin at one pancake and then was not seen again while he played with his friends around the building. I think they had a good game of floor hockey going, and then the mini hockey sticks turned into guns (of course) or phasers and they ran around engrossed in some sort of imagination game, likely about Star Wars. Caleb played the whole time with Colin, but would appear every half hour or so and eat yet another plate of pancakes. There were times I would turn around and see him sitting alone at a table gobbling up another plate. Benjamin loved the free rein he was given to just run around. Everyone at church thinks he is adorable, and they all watched out for him, since James was elbow deep in cooking and cleaning and dishes the whole time, and I had to camp out in one place.

It was almost 3 hours before we left. 3 other good friends had straggled with their kids, while our husbands did all the clean up. Our husbands are all good friends as well, and I may have heard more laughing and chatting in the kitchen than if we women had been in there!

Later in the afternoon we headed over to James' parents house for dinner. The older two boys love to play with their uncles, and Benjamin just glows in the attention of his grandma and grandpa. There was a treasure hunt for Colin and Caleb, and new cars to play with for Benjamin. The boys' cousins are one year old, and were just happy to be taking in all the busyness.

Two outings in one day was definitely too much, and I'm paying for it today (confined to the couch - but luckily with a full dose of Zofran in me first!) but James assured me that sometimes physical health needs to be sacrificed for mental health. It sure was lovely to see so many friends I haven't seen since Hallowe'en, and may not see much more of until June.


mommy's thoughts! said...

It was fun seeing you yesterday!! so nice chatting and letting the guys clean up, lol.

Anonymous said...

Nice family.