Saturday, 18 February 2012

Organized Simplicity

"Align your habits and your lifestyle with your purpose in life so that you're running at a comfortable pace and gliding along with time, rather than wishing it would slow down."

On the other side of this quote, you could equally align your habits and your lifestyle so that you are not wishing life would be faster and more exciting. Either way, I love the idea that we can control the pace of life we lead. Activities and time-fillers that we might think are indispensable just might not be, when we examine our daily lives under the microscope.

As someone who is married, this is a conversation I would have to have with my husband. If I found the pace of our life not to my liking, then we would examine our schedules together. But I am convicted here, just a little. How quick would I be to point the finger at one of my husband's activities and suggest he cut that out, so that we had more time? If I asked him to cut something, would I be just as willing to cut something of mine? More to the point, would it even occur to me? That's what really got me thinking here. I am afraid I might be too quick to point out the "mote" in someone else's eye that I couldn't see the "beam" in my own. I think it's a common human trait to believe that I've got things managed just the way they should be, and everyone else should be aligning themselves with me.

Food for thought. (And actually not related to anything specific going on in my life. But sometimes preemptive ideas help avoid problems from cropping up rather than having to go into damage control after the fact!)

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Heather said...

We most be on the same wave-length, just posted about the pace of life too :)