Sunday, 12 February 2012

Next challenge

My veins seem to be all shot from so many IV pokes. The last time the clinic nurse tried four times and couldn't get anything, so she sent me to the ER. The experienced ER nurse poked another 8 times before she finally resorted to a very painful spot in my wrist. (But I wasn't leaving without an IV, given that our vacation depending on me being able to administer my own meds!)

That IV spot shot itself this morning, which meant I had to pull it out. And so I now face trying to make it through the days without the Zofran. I'm not sure where this might go. I had days that were manageable, and days that were not so good, even on the medication. Now I have to face it all without anything more than Gravol.

19 more weeks to the due date, which hopefully means only about 17 until the baby actually comes (my babies are usually early.) At least the weather should pick up soon enough, which will help the days go faster. Benjamin is discovering the outdoors and loving it. For now I just sit at the kitchen window and watch him romp in the snow, but when spring comes I'll break out my lounge chair and backyard swing and soak up the fresh air and sun.

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Wendy said...

Ah man! I've just gotta say, women folk are awesome. You're just so awesome for what you're doing to bring this new life into this world.