Monday, 30 April 2012


Last week Benjamin discovered our family favourite film "The Polar Express."  He sits and watches the entire movie, eyes never leaving the screen except to share what is going on with anyone in the room.  "Look, it's Santa!"  "The reindeer are flying!"  "The engine is on the street!"  Every frame is filled with wonder.

For some reason (which may or may not be linked) the movie was also the instigator for Benjamin's first interest in reading.  He can sing the alphabet, but has yet to identify letters.  He has also never before shown that he understood there were words and letters on the pages of his books that created the stories.  But watching "The Polar Express" yesterday, when the title of the film appeared on screen, he pointed to it and asked me "What does that say?"  "The Polar Express," I replied.  "Oh," came his answer, as he nodded.  "A, B, C, D."  Early literacy at work!

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