Thursday, 19 April 2012

Heathy, hearty breakfasts and lunches

I picked up a free e-book yesterday for my Kindle, all about making healthy, hearty breakfasts, lunches and snacks for your kids. This is really a goal for me come next school year. While I LOVE cold cereal, I know that it's not a great healthy choice, but more than that, it doesn't stick to you for very long, leaving you hungry and needing more to eat within a short amount of time. So I'm on a quest to compile some recipes that will be simple to make, can be made in big batches and frozen or stored in the fridge for the week, that the boys will like, that will be healthy, and that will leave the kids full until lunch time.

I have got some GREAT ideas so far. My plan is to start trying them out in August, and I'll post any recipes that become favourites. Here's the link to the book I got (for Kindle) (click here.) Funny enough, the author talks about how many of these recipes are adapted to be ultra healthy, including using odd types of flours and seeds and even being milk-free. While my commitment to healthy eating is important to me, I'll be adapting most recipes back to include more traditional ingredients, like all-purpose flour and honey. But it's a great jumping off point.

On another note, last night we all ventured out to do the grocery shopping. On the way out the door, Caleb got his head bumped good by our screen door, so James told him he could pick any cereal he wanted from the store, even one that wasn't on sale. Caleb was overjoyed. You should have seen the look on his face as he stared at that big, long aisle of cereals. Then you should have seen the look of joy on my face when he picked...Raisin Bran! The whole family enjoyed a big bowl this morning. It's a big favourite.

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Mom said...

Can you share with me some of your favourites - I would love to get some more ideas for breakfast. Right now, other than cereal, we eat pancakes, poached eggs and smoothies.

Tell Caleb that he did good in choosing his cereal - tell him it's Ma's favourite. :-)