Sunday, 29 April 2012


Colin loves to build and create, especially with Lego and paper.  His Lego creations astonish us daily.  Every time he comes across something new, or sees a new movie, he rebuilds it out of Lego, with incredible attention to detail.  The same goes with paper.  If he needs something and doesn't have it, he makes it out of paper.

Last week an enormous migration of butterflies stopped for the day in town.  Colin wanted nothing more to catch a  butterfly.  He tried for the first half hour to sneak up and catch one in his hands, to no avail.  He decided he needed a net, but didn't have one.  So he wove one out of paper, with a rolled up piece of paper as the handle.  He spent another half hour trying to use the net, but still was unsuccessful.  He then decided he needed a lure, something to bait the butterfly to one spot, rather than him trying to run after each tiny creature.  So he coloured a paper green, added 3D flowers and trees, and set out the scene on a chair in the backyard.  Then he crouched beside it, waiting for a butterfly to take the bait.  Unfortunately, he wasn't ever able to catch the elusive prize.

Today while James was out and I was resting, Colin decided he wanted to play on the back deck.  There was one problem - he was wearing an oversized t-shirt for pyjamas and had no pants.  We have a rule that you must wear clothes in the backyard.  He found his drawers empty (laundry day).  Instead of admitting defeat, I found him playing on the deck wearing pants made out of paper.  Yep - he had taped paper around his legs and up to his waist, all in the name of modesty and ingenuity.


Jenn said...

Love it, what a genius idea !

Mom said...

Ma's boy is amazing - I wonder what marvelous things he will do as he grows.

Jennifer said...

He always has been a smarty pants!! So creative!