Thursday, 12 April 2012

The big bribe

The number one rule in Mommyland is "never say never." Oh boy, have I learned that one. I "never" wanted to resort to bribing, preferring the much (professionally) lauded idea of natural consequences.

And then there was Ben.

And a tired, sick, pregnant Mommy.

And chocolate.

It started with the carseat. Benjamin has been doing that "stiff as a board" routine when I try to put him in the van. I'm not strong enough to force him down, and after 10 seconds or so I'm dizzy from the nausea and weak from the pregnancy. So out came the bribe. If he fusses, no chocolate. I keep a box of smarties in the van, and I'm holding his Easter eggs hostage for good behaviour.

But it's (sort of) starting to work. He sat in his chair and ate his whole lunch today. We have problems with him standing in his booster chair and it borders on dangerous. So in order to get his chocolate at the end of the meal, he had to stay seated and eat everything. He was so proud to display that empty plate for me. The car is still an issue. The fuss time seems to be diminishing, so maybe he's starting to associate the reward with the behaviour.

I just hope this doesn't end up being another parenting moment that works for the short term and then I kick myself later when I can't break the habit. Ah well, for the next 9 weeks at least, short term is all I can deal with.

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Mom said...

Sometimes, bribing is not a bad thing (for a short time). When you are feeling better, you will have the strength to deal with Benjamin in a way that goes along with the way you think things should be done. Keeping you and the baby healthy and as stress-free as possible right now is more important. A few pieces of chocolate right now is not the end of the world, that's for sure. :-)