Monday, 24 September 2012

In my glory

Saturday was my day.  I told James two weeks ago when he knew he'd have this Saturday off that he was on call to spend the whole day with the kids while I bustled around the house and ran in and out to stores.  I wanted to get a good start on re-doing our entryway, and a couple other projects that have been waiting for a day like that.

I started by sanding down the badly painted and peeling walls of the entryway.  The previous owners obviously paid someone to come in and "paint" to sell the house - and by "paint" I mean whitewash the entire house including trim and baseboards in a cafe-au-lait colour.  I'm slowly, slowly getting rid of it all.  And bonus - the paint was not exterior grade, which is why the entry way looks so terrible, since it gets rain and snow in there through the screen door.

After sanding it needed some patching, since there were gaping holes in the spots where 4 layers of paint were now gone.  And that needed 24 hours to dry, so that's where I had to stop.

I moved onto the floor in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  The original floor had been covered over with a half-effort job, and now both layers were sinking after the slow leak in our kitchen sink hose.  So I ripped everything out there and cut and installed a new floor.

Next I wanted to pick out the paint for the entryway, but got stuck again when the flooring paint I wanted wasn't available in the colour I hoped for.  Colour is where I get majorly stuck.  Every. Single. Time.  It take me forever because I can't decide if the colours match with each other or with the walls or the decor.  It's really, really frustrating and time consuming.  I had just decided on a classic red, black and white when I realized the black paint for the floor was in the wrong product.  Now I have to hem and haw over it all again.

Projects to go: finish the entryway, buy and mount a new mailbox, paint the nursery, add trim to the walls in the nursery, buy and mount a new screen door.

After a busy day, I was tired and happy.  I realized that I would love to learn much, much more about home renovating.  I am floating the idea that when Juliette is in school full time, I will find someone local who does home renovations and ask if I can apprentice on jobs with them, to learn first hand how it is all done.  They get an extra set of hands for free, I get to learn from experience.  So exciting!


Mom said...

You are sooooooooooooo your father's daughter! :-) So proud of you for taking the bull by the horns and just digging in and getting it done - can't wait to see the finished products! :-)

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