Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Labour Day

Monday was the last day of summer vacation before school was back in.  The weather was perfect and, while I did not want to plan anything big and wear the boys out too much, I was not going to waste the day lazing about indoors.

10am - Hour long kayak with Benjamin
11am-1pm - Hiking and Geocaching with the family
1pm-2pm - Special lunch out with everyone
3pm-4pm - Biking the trails with Colin
5pm-6:30pm - Swimming with everyone.

Yes - kayaking, hiking, biking and swimming all in one day.  It was fantastic.  Exactly the kind of day I love.  I really think Benjamin might be my kindred spirit when it comes to outdoors.  Colin would choose a movie, Caleb would choose a video game, but Benjamin will pick outdoors every time.

So while nothing was planned beforehand, we still wore the boys out with all the activity.  Everyone collapsed into bed tired yet happy, ready to pack in the lazy summer days for another year.

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