Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Juliette loves to suck on her clothing.  Since about two months old, she somehow has found the coordination to clutch onto her outfit with two hands and pull it up to her mouth.  It's so cute, but also means I go through lots of outfits each day.

I love dressing her in outfits.  There are so many cute girl clothes that I have, thanks to my wonderful sister and a very generous friend, plus the adorable things I got at her baby shower.  This past Sunday I got out the boys' usual Sunday outfits - the older two each have a suit/vest/tie/shirt/pants they wear every week.  Benjamin has two or three different outfits, but again, each is a pair of pants, shirt and a vest.

But Juliette - I had so much fun cooing at her, as she cooed back, while I dressed her.  First I chose a dress that came with bloomers.  Then because there is a chill in this fall air, I picked out a pair of tights. Then I found a cute little headband and a matching pair of shoes.  Every day when we go out I pull out something cute for her to wear.  I remember that Benjamin spent most of his days in sleepers.  And I'll admit that it's probably easier and maybe even more comfortable for the baby.  But having a little girl to dress up is so much fun!  I will also admit that there have been days when we our outfits have coordinated (accidentally, I promise!)

She is such a happy little baby.  She tears up when she needs a diaper change but then has big smiles once you lie her down and start.  I hosted our book club on Saturday night and a baby shower last night and she was smiling her big, happy, mouth-wide open smile at everyone.  She has this incredible talent to zero in those big blue eyes on someone across the room and smile as though it was meant just for that person.  She melts everyone's hearts!


Heather said...

She certainly does!!! xo

Wendy said...

Matching outfits - only accidentally?! There is no shame in matching!!! And I find myself now quite enjoying the title Juliettables.