Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A little geography over breakfast

I love, love, love our kitchen map.

It's a lovely antique-looking map, almost 4 feet by 3 feet, that is laminated and mounted behind our kitchen table.  We use it in conversation all the time.  Plus, because it is laminated, I often use sticky-tack to hang other things I want to display, like our Articles of Faith memorization chart, and our Thanksgiving turkey with scriptures about being thankful for his tail.

I came up with a new game this week, and the kids are eating it up.  Each morning I post 3 the names of three countries for them to find.  I don't give them any hints.  When they find those 3, I post 3 more.  Not only are they finding those countries, but they are asking questions about others along the way.  Is this in Africa? Is it bigger or smaller than Egypt?  What is that country that starts with a "U?" (Uzbekistan.)  As they scan the map, they remember the countries they found in the days before, and really start to understand the world in which they live.  My favourite comment to date is "Iran" must be somewhere near India and Afghanistan, because it has the same kinds of sounds in its name.

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Heather said...

I meant to tell you that when we were at the Zumbachs for Kathy Reagan's farewell, Caleb was pointing countries out to Carter and me on their giant floor mat map. He is so bright and sweet :)