Wednesday, 27 November 2013

If I was homeschooling this week

(I feel like writing down these moments, because one day I really do want to homeschool.  I can remember these times and know that I can do this.)

If I was homeschooling this week:

Colin would be splitting his time between three things: math/logic problems (a boy after my own heart!), Lego building (he's currently designing and building a bi-plane with movable parts) and art exploration (he's nearly through an intro to different art mediums at the local art store.)  We would also be going through his Cub book and working on at least one badge a day.

Caleb would be writing away.  He's filled page after page of stories so far, and would love the endless hours to write and illustrate tales of aliens and pirates and adventure and exploration.  He would be sitting at the piano going through song after song.  He would also tag along on our cub badges, even though he's two years too young for the official program.

They would both be getting some geography with our "find the country" game on our wall world map, and some daily application of our current scripture verses.

(Reality check: Benjamin would be tearing apart any progress we made.  Juliette would be preventing me from spending even two or three uninterrupted minutes with the boys.  And I'm dreaming again of a country property, a space with a least one quiet corner for readers to curl up and retreat from the craziness.  And wide space to hike and explore and build.)

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