Wednesday, 27 November 2013


So it turns out that Caleb is our little musician.  I started piano lessons with Colin and Caleb in September.  Lessons have been sporadic, due to James' long work hours and Juliette's desire to scream at us every time we try and sit down.  But Caleb has a real natural ability and affinity for my beloved instrument.   We are flying through his music book.  He can play most of the songs after a couple times through.  He has all the songs he's played so far memorized.  He doesn't spend hours and hours in front of the keys, but he does wander over at least twice a day, just to sit, play, and then bounce off again.

This week he was asked to participate in my friend's Christmas piano recital.  She has a few small recitals over the year and always invites students being taught by parents, who wouldn't have the opportunity to play in a teacher recital.  I arranged a simple version of Jingle Bells, that I now realize is probably too simple, since he can play the whole thing already and he only learned it last night before bed.  Four times through and he's got it.

I have a dream that down the road we'll all be able to pick up our instruments and play together as a family.  Maybe a little too picturesque and idealist as it appears in my mind (think "Little Women") but I still hold to the dream.

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