Monday, 17 March 2008

Colin's Favourite Games

"Chugga Chugga"
Players: Colin, and anyone who walks in the door. If someone new comes in while you are playing, don't be surprised if you are replaced by this newcomer.
How to play: Chase Colin around the main floor of the house, making train motions with your arms and repeating the words "chugga chugga". The occasional "toot toot" also goes over really well.


"Where's Tigger?"
Players: Colin, Tigger (stuffed animal) and one adult.
How to Play: Hide Tigger somewhere around the house. Ask Colin "Where's Tigger?" Follow Colin from room to room while he looks for him.
Variation: Colin will tell you where to hide Tigger. Colin will then go from room to room asking himself "Where's Tigger?" while looking for him. Bonus: if you can manage to move Tigger from the spot that Colin told you to hide him, Colin will become confused, but appreciate this added level to the game.


Players: Colin and an adult of his choice.
How to Play: Rules vary based on Colin's mood. Either he will build something and you are to watch, or he will instruct you to build something. If you are the one doing the building, when you are done, let Colin know. He will then randomly attach all leftover blocks to your creation before he pronounces it finished.

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