Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Ode to a Grandma

Grandmas are the very best creation.
Grandmas always have a huge smile for you when they see you
(and very often a little treat as well).
Grandmas take you on walks and jump in all the puddles
then give you a warm bath when you get home.
Grandmas take you to fun places like Playplace.
Even going to boring places like Wal-Mart are fun with a grandma along.
Grandmas get right down on the ground to play with you,
and like to hear about all my new toys.
Grandmas read books to you,
and do all the voices,
and always read "one more", even after "the last one".
Grandmas like to have you over for sleepovers
and keep a special place in their house for you to sleep,
your very own bed that makes you feel like
her house is your house, too.
Grandmas always make the yummiest food,
making eggs or macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese,
and then they have some cookies or granola bars
or another special treat to eat.
Grandmas are really smart,
and teach you lots of things during the day,
like what a "thermostat" is,
or which side of the road to walk on
or about the ants crawling in the sand.
Most of all, Grandmas love you.
They have so much love that they like to
kiss you
hug you
and remind you every time they see you
just how much they love you.
Well, I love you, too.


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