Thursday, 6 March 2008


I have the best husband in the world. (I know you girls out there reading this all think that you have the best husband, and I'm sorry to burst your bubble.) We were reminiscing about one of our favourite funny moments (there are many!) in our past.

When I was pregnant with Colin, I went on a health food kick. I ate three toasted veggie sandwiches a day, and filled the rest of my diet with fruit. I was turned off of junk food altogether. And I don't think I ever had a "can you run to the store and pick up an ice cream sundae with chocolate fudge and a jar of pickles?" I was fairly self sufficient.

But one day I was feeling particularly lousy and so I called into the kitchen where James was getting himself a glass of water:

"Honey? Could your bring me some grapes when you come?"
"No problem" came the quick reply.

I sat up to eat. I waited. I waited and waited, and then waited a little longer. Feeling dizzy, I lied back down. And waited. (Well, you get the picture). Finally after about 10 minutes, I called back into the kitchen:

"Honey? Do you have my grapes?"

Silence. Then I see James' head peek into the living room.

"I'm almost done."
"Almost done? My grapes?"
"Grapes? I thought you said crepes!"

Yes, knowing my love for all things French, my incredible husband had thought I asked for crepes, and had dug out a cookbook, found a recipe, and was hard at work creating a meal of amazing crepes for his pregnant wife!

Yup - I have the best husband in the world.

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mommy's thoughts! said...

I have to say that is pretty amazing! Luckly lady!