Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Matta Guitar

Colin's bedtime routine consists of reading books, spelling a few words on his alphabet mat, goodnight prayer, and then singing a few songs. We have sung everything from children's songs to Broadway tunes to church hymns to traditional lullabies to classical pieces - ensuring that Colin's music repertoire is vast and varied. Every few weeks he takes to a new favourite song that he requests faithfully each night.

About a month ago, he asked for "Matta Guitar". Having no idea which song he was referencing, I asked him to sing it for me. Without hesitation, he began a very definite melody, singing the words "matta guitar" over and over again. I was completely lost. I racked my brain for what song this could possibly be, and came up empty. Colin, however, knew exactly what it was.

After three nights of him asking for "Matta Guitar", I finally took things into my own hands. Following his lead, I began improvising a melody to the words of "Matta Guitar". It was an instant hit. Since then, every night he asks (and receives) a different rendition of the new classic. What is most amazing is that he sings along. Yup - I'm completely making up the tune on the spot, and yet he is able to anticipate where the melody is going.

He is really stretching my abilities as a musician - in a good way. Last night he asked for a song about "Lightning McQueen" (a character from a favourite film), and then he requested a Bach and a Beethoven piece! I think I might have the most cultured two-year old on the planet!

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