Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Has anyone else loved the television writer's strike as much as me? I've never considered myself a tv junkie - I can only think of a handful of show I regularly tuned into over the years. But until this strike happened and the only thing on was repeats or reality shows (how I abhor how the industry exploits people in this way - and how people exploit themselves!) I didn't realize how often I flip on the big black box "just to see what's on" or "to relax".

For the first week or two, I would turn it on out of habit. It only took about 10 seconds for me to see that there was nothing I wanted to watch (we only get 3 channels - in good weather!) After breaking the initial reactive habit, I found myself picking up my book, Soduko puzzle, writing, or getting to some neglected tidying/cleaning.

Now that the writers are back to work and new episodes will soon be airing, I'm doing my best to keep myself out of the loop. I've enjoyed the freedom from television. Somehow I have gotten myself tied to the tv over the years, rushing home to catch a program, or cursing the VCR for not working again. So I'm not finding out when the shows start up again...I'll live in my fantasy world of repeats and reality as long as I can!

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