Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Another road

After only two weeks of the homeschool program, my best laid plans have fallen by the wayside. Colin enjoyed reading the themed books with me, and the gross motor skill activity was always fun (ie: crawling around, roaring like lions). But the actually 'learning' aspect of it bored him. The first week, when we learned the square, he kind of gave me this look that said "are you kidding me?" The same look surfaced again when we went over the number and letter of the week. The program has a lot of colouring, writing, gluing - the kind of stuff where you sit and work at a table. Colin just wasn't interested.

But I need not fear - the kid just absorbs things on his own. The other day we pulled out an old toy that has a whole bunch of shapes on it. He picked it up, and then pointed at each shape and fired off without taking a breath: "circle, square, star, triangle, hexagon, heart."

Hexagon? That's right. Hexagon. I have no idea where he picked that up.

On another day, I heard him counting. He had a deck of cards and was counting them out. "One, two, three...fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen." Now, he's been able to count to ten for eons. And we've been working on getting up to twelve. The rest...a complete mystery.

And so our homeschool program is on hold. Certainly I'll need to completely rework my idea of it. Something with a lot more outdoors, hands on, and applicable information. The kid is just too smart! He sees absolutely no point in learning "blackboard style"!

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