Saturday, 5 April 2008

Mommy Brain

How many of you out there are suffering from "Mommy Brain"? You know, that natural phenomenon that occurred once you had children, causing you to have little to no memory left? (Colin has a fantastic memory - maybe he got it from me - literally!) In my life, if it's not written on my calendar, it doesn't exist. I have stories of making plans for tomorrow and completely forgetting them then next day! I read somewhere lately that there is actually a medical explanation behind "mommy brain", which gives me a little comfort.

Here's one of my favourite stories about my fading memory (forgive me if I've told this one already!):

I love to read - all kinds of everything. Two years ago I was in the middle of a classics kick, devouring everything from "War and Peace" to "Catcher in the Rye". Upon finishing another book, I wandered into our office to peruse our literary collection for something new. My fingers rested on "Brave New World".

Terri-Ann: Oh! I've been wanting to read this. I heard it was excellent.
James: You read that.
Terri-Ann: I did?
James: Yes, three months ago.
Terri-Ann: Oh....(pause)... Did I like it?
James: You thought it was okay, but it felt like a first draft, and could have used more fine tuning.
Terri-Ann: Hmm. Well then.

I put the book back on the shelf and found "new" that I hadn't "just read".

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Anonymous said...

My Mommy Brain appears when we go grocery shopping. My husband and I have VASTLY different food tastes (and he cooks, I don't, not even before I got pregnant), so he'll get stuff for himself, and often cook something else for me, or I'll throw something together (something quick, these days). Well, we go grocery shopping, and get to the front, and he has all his food for the next few days, and I have.....granola bars and a bottle of Perrier. I cannot plan what I want to eat. Not only that, I don't even realize I have no food for myself until we're at the front, or Aaron points it out. It's amazing I'm not wasting away, I have no clue what I eat besides granola bars and Perrier :).