Monday, 7 April 2008

Our Learning Poster

Week one of homeschool is completed - and I'd say it was a big success. I keep his learning poster out around the house, so Colin sees it often. Every time he catches a glimpse of it, a big smile breaks across his face and he yells excitedly: "School time!" If he's adamant, we play some of the games we learned, or reread one of the theme books.

This is our first learning poster. I've used sheet protector pockets, so that each week I can take out last week's picture and slip in the new one. Then we add the old pictures to Colin's notebook. This book is a place to record the things we do each week. I glue in the pictures he colours, and add the text of the poems we read and the songs we sing. We also write in the letter and number, and Colin adds the corresponding number of stickers (ie: this week he put one stick under the number 1). Can you guess the bible story we read this week? (Hint: the weekly theme was this picture is of a man sleeping in bed, dreaming of cows...)


Chic Mama said...

Very nice! We are currently working on week 2 of the same curriculum and for week one we chose the same scripture! For "jungle" we did John 15- I am the Vine you are the branches! Isn't it so nice to have something planned out to do with them? I love it! Helps keep me (more so than him) on track! By the way, your poster is lovely- very nice pockets!

Anonymous said...

Nice work!