Thursday, 3 April 2008

Staying within the lines.

Colin and I were colouring this morning. I had printed out pictures of cows so we each had one. I was fairly proud that I broke the bands of adult confinement in colouring - my cow was yellow with purple spots and orange feet with a pink head and blue horns and a green udder. Colin was attacking his page randomly, and as most 2 year olds, not even seeing the "lines" on the page.

He looked over at my picture with a little disdain. Then he reached over and coloured great big strokes of purple all over my cow. "There. That's better," he proclaimed and went back to his own masterpiece.

It may not have been that it looked better, but I bet it felt better. I then took my own red crayon and scribbled over my paper. You know what? It does feel better!

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