Saturday, 26 April 2008

Things I have learned about Caleb:

1. The order of things in his life: Toys are very important. But if there is food anywhere to been seen or smelt, the toy will be immediately launched out of sight to free up his hands. I'm fairly sure his lifelong goal will be achieved when he finally sneaks something from my plate. He loves to sit on my lap when I eat and pull my plate closer to him. But food is only number 2. While nursing in the evening, I usually sing to him. Lately, however, he has decided that music trumps food. Whenever I start to sing, he lifts his head up and lets go, smiling his wide open mouthed smile that fills his entire face with joy. It's beautiful.

2. Colin is the most interesting person on the planet.

3. Bathing is a spa experience.

4. He may skip rolling, sitting and crawling and go straight to walking. He loves to be up on his feet and is quickly bored being in one spot. Plus Colin is on the move, and survival necessitates locomotion.

5. Sleeping is not only highly overrated, but completely unnecessary.

6. He is happiest at 6 in the morning. He wakes up cooing and smiling and staring into my eyes. I think it's a ploy so that I don't move him over to the crib in his own room.

7. Oatmeal slop tastes better than rice slop.

8.White and blue are his best colours. And even when I have him in blue overalls and a shirt with a truck on it, people still tell me my little girl is beautiful. It's those big blue eyes and round pink cheeks. What can I say - I make beautiful babies.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard avacado is one of the best first foods. Don't quote me, it's just what I've heard (it does have a lot of good fat and fibre in it).