Monday, 7 April 2008

Homekeeper Challenge #1

Okay - week one. I did it. Actually, this whole challenge has been quite motivating. That and the spring weather that has finally arrived. I have discovered why "spring cleaning" exists - who would want to tackle such a chore in the dreary months of winter?

Project one - the bathroom cabinet. Perhaps I started with this because of its size (24" x 30" and only two shelves) but really it's because I was fed up with opening the doors and having everything fall out onto me, the toilet and the floor. In it you would find hair products, shaving razors, combs and brushes, cleaning supplies. And a hundred other little odds and ends that seem to find their way into the cabinet.

But no more! I pulled out everything we don't use regularly and tucked them away in my linen closet (which I also tackled this week!) Things may have been "organized" before, but the sheer volume of things in their meant they were so precariously balanced they couldn't help but fall out.

I'm really trying to make do with less. There are so many things I hold onto for the once or twice in a blue moon I might use it. I also hate to throw things away - it feels like such a waste. Not only that, the environmentalist in me doesn't like filling up landfills with all my junk. However, I have accumulated much over the years. The only remedy I see is to do a purge, and then work hard not to accumulate more. It can be done! I know it can!

I thought I'd also share one of my best housekeeping tips with you - my "upstairs/downstairs basket". This is a good-sized basket I keep on the landing of my staircase. As I tidy during the day, this is the place I toss things that need to go upstairs. I acknowledged to myself that I can't keep running things up and down stairs, and the demands of my children mean I don't always have time to put things away as I go. This basket is the perfect place to collect things that need to make their way upstairs. Then when I get a chance, I take the whole basket upstairs and put everything away. This is by far the best housekeeping idea that has worked for me.

What about you? What has been your "lifesaving" housekeeping trick? (I'm thinking if I compile a whole bunch of tricks, I can have the cleanest house on the block!)


Adrienne said...

Welcome to the world of "spring cleaning" - I start itching in about Feb. this year was to long for me, I love opening up all the windows, getting the outside of them clean, we also moved into this house in the spring so we have an anniversary cleaning where all the major appliances come out and get cleaned behind etc...its another excuse for a 'party'. I have been using this basket on the stairs idea for has saved me km. of walking! - I did used to wonder why some women went to the work was exercise enough for me! You can actually purchase special 'stair baskets', they are the shape of the step ...they are fantastic! a few of my friends have them..One of my friends has a stair basket for each member of her family, they know if something is in their basket it is their resp. to put it away!.I am still looking for them! ( when I find them I'll pick you up 1 too) - I love reading your blog! it is fun to read and inspiring. I am so very grateful Becky took the time to teach me how to start this new 'journaling' tool - She is such an amazing sister!

Chic Mama said...

Hey great post- you really tackled a lot this week!! Wow, it's my challenge and I feel behind! Nice work! I love your idea of the upstairs/downstairs basket! We are almost finished with our basement and will begin living on two levels within the month, so that little trick couldn't come at a better time really! Thanks so much for your great idea- keep them comin'!