Thursday, 17 April 2008

My beautiful boy

Today was a wonderful day. A beautiful, memorable, amazing, wonderful day. Today, Caleb didn't cry. This is a milestone for us, because he has spent almost every waking moment since birth crying, or on the verge of crying. It has been a stressful five months. As a mother, I've felt quite distant from him. I've tried so hard to find that bond that I know exists, and yet seemed to elude me every day.

Today Caleb, Colin and I had friends over, walked to the library for a reading program and then to the Early Years Centre to play, had lunch and naps, played with toys, had a barbecue and then cleaned up the backyard. Caleb came happily along in his carrier, stroller, and high chair. This afternoon, when I came back downstairs after running up to grab a diaper, I found Colin sitting on the floor next to Caleb, reading him a book.

At bedtime, I took Caleb upstairs and enjoyed some alone time while he fed. I sang a few lullabies, and he cooed at me. I placed him in his bed and he sleepily gazed up into my eyes as I kissed him goodnight and closed the door.

I don't know if this is a natural turning point, or just a special day to be cherished while we continue to look into what is bothering him. But I thank God for giving me this wonderful day. I really needed it, and He knew it.

Today was a wonderful day.

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