Saturday, 31 May 2008

Being away from Mommy

I spent 7 hours yesterday and 10 hours today away from Caleb...which meant that he had to either finally take the bottle, or hold out until I returned. He held out. Persistent kid. But he makes me laugh. Last night I came in around 10:30pm. Caleb had been up for about an hour, waiting for his nighttime feed. He was playing contentedly on the floor when I arrived. I peeked into the living room and when he lifted his head and saw me, a huge smile broke out on his face. It melted my heart and I immediately repented of leaving him the whole seven hours!

I entered the room and unsnapped my green sweater I was wearing over my t-shirt, getting ready to breast feed him. As he watched this motion, he all of a sudden dropped the toy and reached out for me, mouth forming a wide open "O" and gulping impatiently for milk! I doubled over in laughter. The simple act of removing my sweater to him signified feeding!

It's my favourite sweater, and I throw it over my shirts all the time - I just never realized how often I actually wear it until now!

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